Xubuntu basics

Posted on: Tue, 07/30/2019 - 15:15 By: charm


The Computer Recycling project has standardized on Xubuntu as our choice of Linux desktop environment. Xubuntu combines the familiarity of a Windows XP-like interface with awesomeness of Debian GNU/Linux. Xubuntu works well on less powerful computers, so if you've got an old computer that you want to breathe new life into ask us about trying Xubuntu. This is a quick overview of how to use Xubuntu. Please note that our version of Xubuntu is customized, so if you're using Xubuntu as downloaded from the xubuntu.org web site there may be some differences.

How we refurbish a desktop computer

Posted on: Thu, 04/25/2019 - 11:27 By: charm


When buying a computer people want a computer that works well and looks good. Building a computer today is much easier than 25 years ago when technicians needed to know about setting jumpers for the right IRQ and DMA. Still, the process one person uses can vary a lot from the process another person uses. What follows is a list of steps we use to refurbish a computer. Our volunteers follow a checklist of steps. A checklist ensures everyone building a computer performs the same basic steps. Checklists also make it easy to troubleshoot steps that might have been missed.

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